About The Organization

Welfare History:

"Welfare is a harmonious collection of programs and activities administrated under the government's supervision or help, in order to improve the society's vulnerable groups' or people's lives". This definition is presented by the United Nations (UN) about the Welfare.

The State Welfare Organization by virtue of the bill dated 24/4/1359 (15/7/1980) was formed by merging 16 organizations, Foundations, institutions, and communities in order to adopt expedients, to represent non-insured services and supports with the perseverance of the human's reverence and value and to rely on the people's partnership and close cooperation of respective organizations. This organization takes action toward expanding rehabilitation, protection, redevelopment and prevention from social harms and disabilities and helps provide low-income groups' minimum fundamental needs.

After establishing Welfare Organization, 52 responsibilities were assigned to it. That investigating headless children affairs, headless women or householders, society's spirit health responsibility, the kindergarten related affairs, the elderly, disabled people, street and labor children, hurt and endangered women, divorce decrease, consultation, employment and dwelling, before marriage instructions, etc, are parts of them.

 Efforts to maintain the bases of hurt and vulnerable families, keeping, protecting and rehabilitating disabled people and preparing them for resuming a normal life in the society, developing practical investigations in order to prevent from disabilities and social harms, rehabilitation, reforming social hurt and maladjusted people, encouraging and absorbing folk's contributions in order to improve the quality of service and support of vulnerable and deprived people and also encouraging and supporting the private sector for investing in each of social rehabilitation conditions, are counted as the main duties and responsibilities of Welfare Organization. In fact this organization is formed due to substantiate the principles 21 and 29 of the constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran in 1359 (1980).

In 29/9/1359 (20/12/1980), Educational Organization of Tehran Municipality was also assigned to Welfare Organization and in 16/10/1363 (6/1/1985) based on the resolution of the Islamic Parliamentary Assembly, once more it was comforted among the organizations affiliated with the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

In Tir month of 1383 (2004), according to the structure of the Ministry of Welfare and Social Security, the State Welfare Organization accompanied by Social Security and Health Insurance organizations, were separated from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and joined to the subsection of the Ministry of Social Security. And in 1390 (2011), with approval of the law of forming the Ministry of cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare, the Welfare Organization also was settled as the subsection of this new Ministry.