Cultural Council

Cultural Council

In addition to provide better conditions for living and improving the quality of life of the target community, the Welfare Organization has, in the course of its legal objectives and tasks, focused on a major part of its activities in promoting culture and reforming social beliefs and norms. In this regard, the Cultural Council of the Welfare Organization of the country has started to implement cultural goals and motives in the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and has logical and principled confrontation with cultural invasion.

The articles of association and regulations of this council have been drafted and it is stipulated that the council shall also develop its activities in the provincial and district centers. To this end, the establishment of the secretariat of the cultural council as a venue for the planning of cultural affairs in the provinces and the cities are the main pillars of the Cultural Council of the State Welfare Organization.

Tasks of the provincial cultural council:

1. Assessing and the cultural needs of the target community and the employees, taking into account the local and regional characteristics of the province

2. Developing programs tailored to the needs and pursuing its implementation, emphasizing the promotion of religious and Quranic culture.

3. Coordination and organization of cultural affairs of the organization in interaction with specialized deputies

4. Encourage provincial officials to cooperate continuously and effectively in cultural activities

5. Implementation of policies, cases and programs approved by the Office of Cultural Affairs of the Organization

6. Monitoring activities carried out at the headquarters of the province and the city

7. Provide a periodic and continuous report on activities carried out in the province to the Cultural and Welfare Council of the country

8. Announcing suggestions and presenting practical viewpoints to the Cultural Affairs Office in order to design meetings and approvals for implementation