Deputy prevention

Selected tasks of prevention and cultural affairs Deputy:

Deputy of Prevention and Cultural Affairs of Yazd province Welfare Organization includes offices for prevention of disabilities, counseling and psychological affairs, prevention of social harm and addiction.

A) Selected tasks of Disability Prevention Office:

- Prevention of genetic disorders

- Supervision and control and licensing of genetic clinics

- Prevention of blindness (lazy eye plan)

- Prevention of Deafness (screening babies and infants)

- Genetic screening plan for premarital since 1993

- Disability Alert Notification Plan

- Awareness and Screening of Genetic Disorders in Schools

- Provide advice on genetic testing

- Implementation of a nutrition promotion plan for infants and children under the age of two

B) Social Damage Prevention Office

- Notification on the optimal use and prevention of cyber threats

- Promoting social health and social exclusion with a local development approach

- Awareness and promotion of mental health by improving social behaviors and social adjustment, communication skills, increasing problem-solving skills and ...

- Increase the access of NGOs to resources to strengthen and enhance the preventive activities

- Pre-marital training for young people on the brink of marriage

- Implementing a life skills training curriculum in elementary schools, secondary schools, universities and neighborhoods

C) Psychological Counseling Office

The Office of Advisory and Psychological Services improves the quality of life and increases the mental health of the community and prevents social harm in the family, marriage, education, occupation and treatment of mental and anxiety disorders.

D) Addiction Prevention Office

Supervising of institutions and centers for the treatment and accommodation of addicts in accordance with the guidelines and protocol communicated by the State Welfare Organization.

Licensing activities for institutions and treatment centers

Implementing provincial and national research projects

Treatment and rehabilitation of people with substance abuse

Planning and activating non-governmental related sectors to prevent addiction