Social Assistance

Selection of duties of social deputy:

A. Selection of duties of the Office of Women and Family Affairs

The Office focuses on the process of empowering and improving the quality of life of covered families in the shortest possible time by developing comprehensive programs for supporting, cultural, educational and psychological support services. Families whose guardians can benefit from the services of the office due to reasons such as divorce, death, disability and ... unable to meet the basic needs of their own lives and those who are not under the guardianship.

B- Selection of the duties of the Office of Paranormal Affairs:

This office is responsible for the maintenance, maintenance and development of the material and spiritual protection of children who have been temporarily or temporarily deprived of effective and qualified guardians for reasons that are permanent or temporary. Given that the fundamental policy of the welfare organization is the creation of the child's healthy livelihood in the family environment, temporary children's life in non-family environments (day-care centers) is only temporary.

C. Selected Tasks of the Office of Children and Youth Affairs:

- Supervising the good implementation of directives and directives at provincial level

- On the implementation of educational content communicated from the welfare organization of the country

- Provide information and statistics to the welfare organization of the country

- Carrying out the necessary coordination for the training of technical authorities, coaches and staff of the kindergarten

- Provide an archive of the qualifications of eligible people. Technical and coaching staff for active child care and establishment.

- Reviewing and commenting on the applicants' case law, approval of the license, activity license, extension of activity, technical responsibility card and referral of the case to the Provincial Committee.

- Review the complaint and will report to the Provincial Committee with suggestions

- Visit the provincial children's kindergartens and conduct guidance and compilation of the report

- The execution of orders issued by the supreme authority within the framework of their duties

D-Selection of the tasks of the Office of Social Welfare:

- Supervising street children's day care centers (child / family support /education) and street children's day care

- Supervising secure homes (daily and daily)

- Supervising girls' home health (daily and evening)

- Supervising intervention centers in the family to reduce divorce

- Supervising Rehabilitation Centers for Girls in Damaged Social Welfare (Daily and Day)

Office Objectives:

- Control and reduce social harm

- Improving the quality of life of people at risk of harm and social harm

E-Selection of the duties of the Emergency Office:

- Supervising social emergency centers

- Surveillance of the emergency social phone line

- Monitoring mobile social services

- Supervising social service bases

Overall Office Objectives:

- Control and reduction of individual, family and social crises

- The availability of specialized services and services of the Welfare Organization to the target groups in the country