Deputy partnerships, employment and private centers

Selection of duties of deputy director for coordination of NGOs, public participation and employment

- A detailed study of the guidelines and letters of executive notice for the purpose of exploitation in the performance of their respective duties.

- Identify and determine the needs of target groups covered by the city in cooperation with relevant experts and in accordance with the guidelines received from higher levels

- Tracking and facilitating the participation and cooperation of the internal and external departments in implementing the plans and programs with the coordination of the supreme authority.

- Tracking, evaluating the implementation of plans and programs at the level of supervised centers, and presenting the report with corrective suggestions as superiors

- Monitor the optimal implementation of plans and plans for the development and empowerment of the target community based on the guidelines

- Tracking and attracting cash contributions - non-service and charitable services for the needs of the clients

- Tracking assistance in providing adequate housing for the non-housing target community in the form of memoranda and related directives.

- Tracking the creation of a job opportunity for the well-being target population through sustainable employment pathways

- Follow up licensing activities for applicants established centers and nongovernmental organizations

Assistant Goals:

- Fundraising required by the target community under the umbrella of the organization and the development and expansion of popular contributions

- Reduction of state-owned enterprise through the transfer of services to the nongovernmental sector in accordance with Article 26 of the Law on the Regulation of State Budget

Deputy Directorate for Public Participation, Employment and Nongovernmental Centers

A. Selection of duties of the Public Participation Office

- Tracking and attracting material and spiritual contributions of Iranians inside and outside the country.

- Using the endowment capacity, zakat and donations in line with the organization's activities.

- Assistance in the provision and preparation of dowry and marriage of covered persons.

- Tracking and implementing new participatory approaches.

- Increasing the number of volunteers and volunteers.


B. Selected Tasks of the Office of Employment Affairs

- Helping the target community work through spending 5% of popular contributions

- Assistance in the employment of the target community through licensing of nongovernmental centers

- Interacting with the Co-operation Office for Social Work and Welfare to set up a job development document

- Interacting with the Technical and Vocational School for implementing community-based student skills

- Paying loans for self-employed (self-employed and home-based and employer's) loans to create community employment;

C. Selected tasks of non-governmental organizations and institutions

- Reviewing and deciding on a case filed for applicants for activities in the form of notes 1 to 13 of Article 26 of the regulating Law of part of the State financial regulations

- Decisions on the revocation of issued authorizations despite defect in the case in the relevant province and reported to the secretary of the commission

- Reviewing and deciding on reports, complaints received and referrals from provincial monitoring commissions and specialized departments of the organization and inspection, security and civil offices

D – Selected tasks of housing affairs

- Tracking the status of physical development of residential units under construction in the framework of the plan for providing housing for disabled persons and patients through interaction and meeting with the Director General of Roads and Urban Development and the Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution

- Implementation of the provisions of the memorandum and executive instruction on the construction of 20 thousand rural residential units in the form of a plan for the renovation of rural housing

- Implementation of the provisions of the agreement and the five-aspects implementing instructions to assist housing in urban and rural households of at least 2 disabled persons

- Supervision of executive and technical operations through the technical office of the welfare organization