Department of Support

Assistant Support and Human Resources

The Assistant's Office of Support and Human Resources includes Human Resources Management Offices, Department of Finance, Services and Employment Affairs, Human Resources, Legal Affairs, Budget Unit, and Corporate Affairs.

- Care in the recruitment of qualified staff according to regulations and the announcement of the need for specialized assistants

- Carrying out welfare services for employees in the form of health insurance, housing, etc.

- Reviewing and analyzing the monthly cost reports of the welfare units of the province and avoiding any waste costs in order to comply with the annual budget notes and costs.

- Implementation of the organization's plans with the designated policies of the government and the governor's planning deputy

- Make the necessary forecasts regarding budget and development projects and prioritize future plans

- Review the proposed budgets of the units and coordinate with the Provincial Governor's Office of Planning

- Preparing and arranging the agreements and amendments related to the budget and justifying them in the competent authorities.