The Meybod Genetic Research Center can be the laboratory of the country

laboratory's hub for the country.
Nader Hummanan, in a visit to Friday's Mayabod, added: The Myobod Genetic Research Center is a central government centered on the benefit of the specially-minded benefactors, although it has not been used up yet, but it can not be based on the pretext of being outside the city. And other reasons shut down.

He emphasized that by making people aware of the importance of genetic topics, disabilities can be prevented.

Meybod Governor also thanked for the efforts made to launch the Genetic Research Center and appreciate the followings of the Friday Imam and the People's Representative of Meybod, saying that there are a number of technical issues to be addressed, but they should be examined in an expert way on related issues.

Hossein Fallah has been promising assistance and follow up with the center at the provincial and state level as a red line for the city.

The Friday Imam said, "Looking at this center from the beginning has been a comprehensive overview of Shahrastānī and Far-Provinces, and this should be taken into consideration."

Hajj al-Islam and Muslims said, "If you join this work, research and research with government funding will be better."

He also mentioned the most important research and research as the first step in the second step in the top issues of the country, which could take the province into brand.

Register Date :2019-7-28

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