Message of congratulations to the welfare chief of Yazd province on the occasion of Journalist Day

The welfare chief of Yazd province congratulated the reporter on a July 17 message.
Yazd Provincial Welfare Public Relations Director Nader Hoomanian congratulated the reporter on a July 17 message. The message reads:
August 17 is reminiscent of the martyred martyrdom of Martyr Mahmoud Saremi, the correspondent of the Islamic Republic News Agency in Mazar-e-Sharif, also referred to as "Journalist's Day" - a precious and precious opportunity to honor all the educated people in the cause of enlightenment and awareness. They are part of the community.
I congratulate and congratulate the respected media and journalists on this day, especially the active, compassionate and sympathetic journalists in the social field who have always supported the large welfare family in Yazd.
Yazd province's media empathy and empathy in informing the general public about the rights, abilities and problems of the community The goal of welfare, including women heads of households, people with disabilities, orphans, etc. Institutions, NGOs, successful and elite people with disabilities in the province, as well as the introduction of specialized and preventive services to promote social health, expand social responsibility, and increase social vitality, leading to effective communication between people and well-being groups. I hope that this sincere presence and participation of the media companions with the large family of welfare will continue. May God bless the increasing success of all respected and diligent reporters in the media environment of the province and the country.

Register Date :2019-8-8

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