Yazd Welfare and Endowment and Charity signed a cooperation agreement

Yazd Welfare and Endowment and Charity signed a cooperation agreement this morning to provide services to the target community under the umbrella of welfare.
According to the public relations of welfare of Yazd province, the head of welfare of Yazd province said: This agreement is aimed at research and promotion of Quranic culture and utilization of existing and potential capacities as well as joint capacities of two institutions, solving problems of target community, development of activity Cultural signatures have been signed, especially in the area of ​​waqf culture, the use of waqf and good servants, and the provision of better services to the disadvantaged and the disadvantaged.
Referring to the mutual commitments of the parties in the memorandum, Nader Hoomanian said: Cooperation and participation in holding Quranic contests and implementation of national plan for preserving the Holy Quran for the large family of well-being, implementation of the Quran in the house of special purpose community of well-being, implementation of spiritual vitality plan in summer The goal is to enrich the clients' leisure time with the relatives of the Imamate and the blessed pilgrimage and to utilize the Quranic cultural services and to promote the intellectual and epistemic level and so on.
 According to the memorandum, the Directorate-General for Endowments and Charities is committed to delivering life skills training, Islamic lifestyles to covered families using the capacity of trained provincial-level mentors in the province, providing access to centers and Welfare institutions are low-cost rent-seeking, education and training endowment funds for the prevention of disabilities and social harm, and so on.

Register Date :2019-8-11

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