Congratulatory message of the Welfare Supervisor of Yazd on the occasion of the Day of Organizations and Social Participation

In a message on August 5, the Yazd Provincial Welfare Administrator congratulated the organizations and centers affiliated with the Welfare and Social Partners of this organization throughout Yazd province.
According to the Public Relations of Welfare of Yazd province, the message is as follows:
The realization of all-round development requires the utilization of people's talents, abilities, active presence and demand, and their contribution to the further development and development of society, and the sustainable development of societies in all spheres will not be possible except with the support of non-governmental organizations. are.
A genuine, genuine service to the people has an endless payoff that is nowadays reflected in the form of NGOs and NGOs. Institutions and social centers and institutional people who strive to achieve a vibrant, vibrant, social-free society. Volunteering in charities and NGOs undoubtedly demonstrates the high human character of activists in this sector who are on the path to promoting mental health, expanding social responsibility and enhancing social well-being and providing a better way of living for the community. To bring. Volunteers and social supporters who spend their time helping to show their best cause for humanity.
I commemorate and congratulate all the social organizations and partnerships on 22 August, with the continued and continued efforts of all NGOs, charities and NGOs working in the field of social well-being, as well as all social partners. The organization, which, while carrying out its social duties, always accompanies and supports the large welfare family of Yazd province; I pray to God Almighty for the growing and high success of these dear ones.
Nader Homenians
Head of Welfare of Yazd Province

Register Date :2019-8-13

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