Aging population will be a constant challenge in the world / increasing the rate of aging in the province

The secretary of the Yazd Elderly Affairs Council Secretariat announced an increase in the rate of aging in the province.
Mahmoud Asayesh said at a meeting of the Ardakan Elderly Affairs Council held at the town hall of Shahid Hanif governorate, referring to the establishment of an aging phenomenon: Eighty percent of the population is people 2 years and older, the phenomenon of aging in the population.
He added that according to the census of 1 out of the population of 2 million countries, 5 million people are 2.9% of the elderly and it is expected that the percentage of the elderly in Iran will reach 2% and 5% by the end of the year.
Yazd Babyan Secretariat for Elderly Affairs Secretariat Secretary Babian acknowledged that population aging is not solely related to Iran, given that life expectancy is increasing each year and mortality decreases, population aging trends are not reversible and population aging is a challenge. The world will be.
She said one of the most important demographic indicators that focuses on the gender composition of the elderly population is the Elderly Sex Ratio.
According to the expert, given the increasing growth of female elderly in the country, paying attention to their quality of life is one of the key factors in social health.
He mentioned elderly women as one of their main problems and added: One of the factors affecting the quality of life of the elderly is feeling lonely and the loneliness of older women is associated with more social and health problems than men. The feeling of loneliness in the elderly who misses their spouse is much greater than that of the married elderly.
"When we look at the numbers of elderly women alone, they are three to four times more likely than older men alone, and this can pose a serious challenge to this population as well as society."
Asayesh cited one way of tackling older women as a way to promote loneliness in the elderly and said: Although remarriage has increased among older people, it is unfortunate that most older women do not accept remarriage because of traditional and traditional restrictions. The taboo, they know, is why the number of elderly women without spouses is much higher than that of older men alone, while the rate of remarriage among older men is higher than that of women.
According to the elderly expert, remarried cohabitation in old age can provide the elderly with the emotional, mental and psychological needs and hope for life again. At the same time, reshaping life together reduces stress, loneliness and depression and eliminates the fear of dying alone.
In regard to the country's policies for the elderly, he stated: In Iran, for elderly rights, we can refer to the Population Policies of the Supreme Leader, “Culture for Respecting and Respecting the Elderly and Creating Necessary Conditions for Providing Health and Care in the Family and Predicting the Mechanism”. Necessary to benefit from the experiences and abilities of the elderly in appropriate areas ”and the section on General Family Policies communicated by the Supreme Leader“ Adopt appropriate supportive and encouraging ways to honor the elderly in the family and strengthen their physical and emotional care ”.
He emphasized: Due to the increase in the rate of aging in the province (2.8% in Yazd province and 2.3% in Ardakan city), all devices are expected to participate in planning for the field of aging.

Register Date :2019-8-14

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