Wellbeing is the guardianship of the aging community / The need to develop a holistic plan to address the elderly

The head of the Ardakan Welfare Department, said: As a guardian of the elderly, the organization has various programs to serve the elderly.
Hamid Reza Paydarfar during Ardakan Elderly Affairs Council meeting held at Shahid Hanif governorate assembly hall, as Ardakan Welfare Office has various programs to serve the elderly in Ardakan city. Establishment of Ardakan Elderly Research Center, Establishment of Farzanegan Foundation, Empowerment of Elderly People with the aim of preserving and enhancing their physical, mental and social health, Establishment of daily centers and home visits for the elderly and informing and changing citizens' attitudes towards elderly peopleThese actions are appropriate in dealing with the elderly and maintaining their dignity and status in the home, family and community environment.
Head of Ardakan Welfare Department, added: Ardakan Aging Research Center has the mission to mobilize related services in the service of the country's aging pole and to create a comprehensive and integrated service in our country through the creation of integrated and coherent machine Help to increase the quality of life for the elderly and to respect their social status.
At the meeting, "New Engineer Ali Reza" also said: "Elderly is a very important and important period, and we must prepare a comprehensive plan to support the elderly so that they can use their experiences properly."
Deputy of Planning and Coordination of Ardakan Governorate of Civil Affairs, commemorating the Decade of Mobarakeh Province, added: "Culture and religion of Islam emphasize the need to pay attention to the elderly and due to the aging of the population in our country, proper and scientific planning should be done. .
It should be noted that according to the national census conducted during the year 1, in the Ardakan elderly population, there are 2,500 elderly women living alone, while the figure in males is 7,3.

Register Date :2019-8-14

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