Rehabilitation is the most important welfare program for female-headed households

The most important welfare program for women heads of households is rehabilitation to achieve economic independence and self-sufficiency, Yazd Provincial Supervisor said.
During a visit to the Carbafi Workshop of Ardakan Family Welfare Assistant, Nader Hoomanian said on Thursday: "This Carbafi workshop is aimed at employment and social, cultural and economic empowerment of Ardakan family and women empowerment."
The official said that one of the serious programs of this institution in the field of empowerment is the attention of women and one of the goals we pursue is the formation of women-led household cooperative groups. has done.
She added: Currently, there are three female-headed households supported by the institution, which are responsible for the death of their spouse or family.
One of the ways to empower women-headed households is to set up and run women-led family-assisted groups, according to Hoomian, according to which women-headed women who are empowered and age-matched, with the formation of female-headed household support groups, will bring early economic activity and They work together to achieve economic independence. She continued: There are currently five assisted groups of women head of households in Ardakan city which are active in activities such as traditional bread making, carpet weaving, carpet, jajim and tailoring and embroidering and socks.
He also said that among the staff of Ardakan Welfare Department, serving the needy community is valuable, adding that the needy are people who are physically and mentally handicapped or have been deprived of their social needs.
Welfare Director of Yazd province also expressed respect for retirees, paying attention to retirees, and giving sympathy and compassionate service to respecting equality and administrative justice and avoiding spreading rumors, respecting colleagues, respecting administrative hierarchy and paying tribute to clients. Better to call the clients.

Register Date :2019-8-21

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