The Welfare Service is much wider and beyond the reach of the people / We invite benefactors to help this vital and vital institution.

Head of the Welfare Department of the city of Bahabad told a large number of staff and the head of the education department of the city said: Welfare service is much wider and beyond people's knowledge.
According to the Public Relations Department of the Welfare Department of Bahabad, Hassan Abdollahian Bahabadi was among the staff and the head of the Department of Education who came to the Welfare Office to congratulate him. Beyond knowing people
"We are trying to attract more donations from this charity by inviting the benefactors and introducing a range of services to the welfare organization," he said.
Referring to the many problems facing the target community, Abdollahian Bahabadi called for the assistance and assistance of the city's education department to register and meet the needs of clients for the start of the new school year.
During the meeting, Hassan Rasaghi Bahabadi, Head of Bahabad Education Board, congratulated this appointment and reminded the valuable services of Hassan Abdollahian Bahabadi in the Education Department of the city. It is all the officials in the city;
Rasaghi Bahabadi announced the full readiness of the department to cooperate with the Department of Welfare and added: "We will cover the tuition and client needs for the start of the new school year

Register Date :2019-9-5

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