Statistical studies show; The economic conditions of families affecting the prevalence of child abuse

Seyed Mohsen Fallah, referring to the statistical analysis of the cases of child abuse admitted in Meybod city social services last year, stated: During the past year, 41 cases of child abuse were admitted to the Maybod social emergency center, with the number of girls related to 56 The percentage was 44% for boys.
He added: The highest percentages of child abuse were in the age group of six to 12 years. Statistical results show that the most prevalent type of child abuse was neglect and neglect among the three cases of child abuse. .
Fallah cited more than 50 percent of children being abused by fathers, with most abusers in the age group of 30 to 35 years, citing research conducted on child abuse.
The head of welfare states: The economic situation of most families where child abuse has occurred is poor and families with a moderate economic status are next in line.
He said that more than 50 percent of the families in which the child abuse occurred were natives of Meybod city. "The child abuse cases accepted last year show that most of the abused children have no physical or psychological problems," he said.

Register Date :2019-9-5

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