Yazd Welfare Team ready to provide psychological services to Corona survivors

Yazd Provincial Wellbeing Team is ready to provide psychosocial services to the survivors of Corona via the 1480 hotline.
The Director of Welfare of Yazd province announced that the Emergency Welfare Team of Yazd was formed with the aim of providing specialized counseling services and psycho-social support, especially grief counseling to the survivors of Corona and their families.
He pointed to the voluntary presence of psychologists, counselors and assistants in the province and said: "Families living in the grief of their loved ones with coronary artery disease can receive these psychosocial support through the 1480 telephone counseling line."
Dr. Ali Mohammad Atabakhsh mentions the emotional and psychological traumas of losing loved ones in coronary artery disease, saying: "The coronavirus not only damages individuals' bodies but also their souls, while the human psyche is the most vulnerable part of existence. Man is considered to be an accident and a disaster.
"These trainings include stress management, anxiety management, anger control, grief counseling, psychological first aid, mental health in disaster victims," ​​said Moeb.
 General Director of Welfare of Yazd Province noted: Welfare team's efforts are aimed at improving the psychological safety and security of individuals as well as promoting the level of comfort, hope and development of helping families

Register Date :2020-3-24

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