Launch of coronary anxiety and stress screening system

The system of psychological self-assessment, screening for anxiety and stress caused by the corona virus was launched by Wellbeing.
Yazd's deputy director of welfare prevention said: "This system is aimed at preventing psycho-social damages caused by the coronary crisis. Screening and then provide psychological counseling.
Dr. Nasser Sabaghzadegan stated the purpose of this system was to formulate appropriate content appropriate to the mental health of individuals and stated: proper and evidence-based screening, providing expert and scientific psychological advice and preventing social and psychological damage caused by the coronary artery disease. This is the purpose of this system.
He pointed out: "By looking at this system, the general public can find out what level of depression, anxiety and stress they are experiencing from corona. And what to do to prevent it.
Dr. Sabaghzadegan noted: The results and recommendations presented in this system are based on answering stress, depression and anxiety questionnaire questions and do not replace specialized interventions and interviews if the person needs specialized services. Refer to Welfare Line 1480 and then specialist counseling centers. Launch of coronary anxiety and stress screening system

Register Date :2020-4-2

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