Free counseling centers will be set up in Meybod

The head of the Yazd Welfare Counselor Voice Center announced the establishment of counseling centers and social health bases in the city.
Mohammad Ali Sadeghipour, head of the Yazd Welfare Counselor Voice Center, said at a meeting of counselors and welfare institutions in Meybod that in order to reduce people's stress and anxiety about Corona, he said: "We must teach people how to reduce their stress."
He added: "People in this crisis need to spend more time exercising and studying to reduce stress."
Sadeghipour said: "If we can manage this situation, the pressure will be less and we will successfully get out of the Corona crisis."
The head of the province's welfare consultant's voice said: "It has been decided to set up counseling centers, social health bases and institutions and teams in every neighborhood in Meybod, in order to provide psychological services to the citizens."
Sadeghipour said: "Virtual networks are the best way to provide services in this crisis so that people do not leave their homes and receive services."
It is worth mentioning that there are 20 institutions in Meybod city, of which 14 are charitable organizations and 6 institutions are in line with welfare

Register Date :2020-4-5

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