Appreciation and gratitude of the Director General of Welfare of Yazd Province from the companions of Welfare

Yazd Welfare Director General of Welfare Companions including employees, benefactors and social partners, organizations of the disabled, psychologists, helpers, educators, doctors, nurses, caregivers and mothers who seek to spread the coronavirus in quarantine with residents and sympathizers with Yazdi citizens Appreciated and thanked.
Dr. Ali Mohammad Atabakhsh has sent a message: Infinite greetings to you that in these days of hardship and hardship caused by the outbreak of coronary heart disease along with Yazdi citizens and large welfare families of Yazd province, especially working and street children, patients with addiction, the elderly, the disabled, patients Nervous and homeless children living in welfare day care centers, take full care of yourself and your family and your family.
This message states: Sacrifice, companionship, social-psychological and health support of your companions in welfare boarding centers, social emergency, 1480 consultant voice center and neighborhood social health bases as the front line of this jihad, perhaps like other medical departments in the country. I don't think so, but I consider it necessary to express my gratitude to you, gentlemen, for creating peace and providing better living conditions for the people and the welfare society.
At the end of the message, it is clear that these difficult days will end with the participation and sympathy of each and every one of you dear ones, and the dignity of these efforts will be preserved in the presence of God, because the good prayers of the people and society are the goal of welfare.

Register Date :2020-4-5

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