3,789 telephone calls have been made to the 1480 welfare line of Yazd province

Announcing this news, the Director General of Welfare of Yazd Province said: 250 calls out of this number are related to anxiety and stress caused by Corona.
Dr. Ali Mohammad Atabakhsh, pointing out that with the outbreak of coronavirus in the country, we are witnessing an increase in anxiety and the resulting psychological stress among the general public, said: In this regard, counselors and welfare psychologists in Yazd province every day from 8 am to 24 At night, they answer and give telephone advice.
He considered the psychosocial support of families and taking care of the social and mental health of the society in the crisis as a mission of welfare and said: welfare along with health care to protect the body from coronavirus, psychosocial support and promotion of mental health is one of the missions. Welfare is in the current situation in the country.
The Director General of Welfare of Yazd Province added: "In this regard, Welfare Line 1480 provides counseling services in three shifts every day, even on holidays."
"Individual coping with corona-related stress, stress management and emotion control are the ways in which welfare counselors generally guide callers to go through the quarantine days with peace of mind," he said.
Dr. Atabakhsh stated that it is possible to call this line in all cities of the province: in the current crisis, specialized counseling centers have been activated under the supervision of welfare in the cities of the province, including Meybod, and provide telephone counseling services.
He also referred to the launch of the Corona Virus psychological self-assessment system by the country's welfare department and said: "This system screened for anxiety and stress at http://corona.behzisti.ir/ in order to prevent the psychological and social damage caused by the Corona crisis." And then give them psychological advice.
He added: "By referring to this system, the general public can find out what level of depression, anxiety and stress caused by corona they experience." And to prevent what they should do.

Register Date :2020-4-5

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