Children under the welfare of Yazd province are preparing to participate in the New Corona Festival

The Director General of Welfare of Yazd Province announced the preparation of children under the supervision of Yazd Province Welfare to participate in the country's new Corona Welfare Age Festival.
Dr. Ali Mohammad Atabakhsh, referring to the presence of orphaned and abused children in welfare centers, said: "Children under the care of welfare who are cared for in boarding houses and within the family in order to optimize their leisure time during quarantine days to participate." They are being prepared for the Corona New Age Festival.
He added: "Children under the welfare of Yazd province in three age groups of newcomers (3 to 6 years old), children (7 to 12 years old) and adolescents (13 to 18 years old) are preparing and sending their works to this festival."
Dr. Atabakhsh stated that the Corona New Age Festival will be held in 5 sections: religious, scientific, literary, collective art and individual art. He said that the festival aims to increase children's productivity, align the activities of managers and educators of children's welfare houses and clinic participation. Aid to help children in families is provided by the country's welfare.
He added: Adhan, recitation and recitation of Quran, correct prayer, narration of hadith and translation, Quranic stories, presentation of scientific laboratory experiences according to textbooks, poetry and rhetoric, satire, story and memoir writing, book reading, book summary, Performing anthems, tablecloths, handicrafts, paintings, comedy shows, handicrafts, music and painting are among the sections where the welfare children of Yazd province are preparing their works.

Register Date :2020-4-6

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