Inauguration of the first comprehensive addiction treatment and rehabilitation center under the supervision of Welfare in Yazd province

The inauguration ceremony of the Comprehensive Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Center under the supervision of Yazd Province was held by video conference with East Azarbaijan, Alborz, North Khorasan and Sistan Baluchestan provinces in the presence of the Deputy Minister and the Head of the Welfare Organization.
The Director General of Welfare of Yazd Province said that the most important work of these centers is detoxification, rehabilitation and employment and continued: Unlike other addiction treatment centers, drug users receive services in addiction treatment and rehabilitation centers for one year.
Ali Mohammad Atabakhsh, referring to the continuation of treatment in the Comprehensive Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Center, said: "The Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Center is different from the accommodation centers for drug addicts and addiction treatment camps, which have 3 independent physical spaces, detoxification, psychological and supportive treatment for addicts." It is done; In addition, the patient will be able to access and follow the treatment process for one year.
Referring to the activities of 20 outpatient and substance abuse treatment centers in the province and 13 residential rehabilitation and rehabilitation centers for people with substance abuse disorders, he said: in 1998, there were 2492 outpatient and substance abuse treatment centers and 4063 people in residential rehabilitation and rehabilitation centers. Have been admitted with substance abuse disorder.
He also informed about the activity of 4 vulnerability reduction centers, 2 independent mobile rescue teams in the province and said: the vulnerability reduction centers have served 439 people and the independent mobile rescue teams have served 196 people.

Register Date :2020-7-15

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