Welfare and blood transfusion go in the same direction

Simultaneously with the commemoration of Welfare Week and the 40th anniversary of the establishment of this organization, the Director General of Yazd Blood Transfusion attended a meeting of the Council of Welfare Deputies and met with the managers of this organization.
Dr. Ali Mohammad Atabakhsh, Director General of Welfare of the province, referring to the anniversary of the establishment of Welfare, said: Welfare has 52 approved activities and currently nineteen thousand people are under the direct coverage of this department.
He continued: "Welfare and blood transfusion go in the same direction, and that is helping each other, and that is why working in both systems is God-pleasing."
Regarding welfare support services, Atabakhsh said: "Currently, 11,000 people receive subsidies and 19,000 people receive continuous expenses from welfare."
While congratulating the Welfare Day, the General Director of Blood Transfusion explained the position of Yazd Blood Transfusion in the country and expressed issues such as achieving blood transfusion in the province to new products, success in managing blood consumption and reducing waste.
Dr. Naghi Taqvaei, referring to the vitality of the blood transfusion organization and the level of blood health, said: "Donors are blood transfusion funds and the people of Dar al-Ebadah welcome blood donation. For example, the average blood donation per thousand people in the country is 24, while Which is 35 per thousand in Yazd province.
 In the end, referring to the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Behzisti, he said: "Forty years old is the age of intellectual maturity, and surely Behzisti has reached this intellectual maturity by carrying out approved activities and providing desirable services to the target community in order to help others."

Register Date :2020-7-20

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