2800 Meybodi received premarital education

Speaking to IRNA on Wednesday, on the anniversary of the marriage of Hazrat Ali (AS) and Hazrat Fatemeh (AS), Seyyed Mohsen Fallah, referring to institutions as other bases for holding marriage encyclopedia workshops, added: "Marriage encyclopedia topics include the need for pre-marriage education, courtship, Questions and topics in the courtship session are criteria for choosing a spouse, warning signs and misconceptions about marriage.

The head of Meybod Welfare Department, referring to the issues and topics of the first year of cohabitation as another topic of this encyclopedia, stated: Teaching these cases and learning life skills at different levels of education has an important role in preventing divorce.

The family counselor continued: "Before marriage, there is a lot of authority and decision-making power and the formation of problematic structures can be prevented, but after marriage, when the structure of life is formed, the structure can rarely be changed and only problematic functions can be reduced. Fixed problems noticed.

He said: "Marriage is the cornerstone of the family institution and a turning point in life, and we, who did not play a role in choosing our family at birth, are married to the architect of our family, and it is necessary to consciously make the most important decision in our lives."

The counselor added: "By learning premarital education as the most complex human relationship, we will increase our ability to choose the right spouse and have a successful life."

He emphasized the need to implement participatory programs to teach premarital issues, saying: "Decisions about marriage should be made when our knowledge, resources and maturity are not small compared to the size of this decision."

He asked young people to take a more holistic view of marriage in order to have a successful marriage, because only after marriage can one change oneself.

Family counselor also considers the social and intellectual maturity of couples, paying attention to the economic level of couples, providing opportunities for couples to know each other's spirits, knowing the differences between men and women, recognizing the warning signs of marriage, learning conflict resolution, anger management skills and solving The issue was noted.

He also mentioned the avoidance of unhealthy social relations, emotional marriages and blind loves, knowing the common rights and responsibilities of men and women in life, all of which are taught from a young age and begin puberty with the cooperation of social and cultural institutions, institutions and organizations. And especially education.

He urged parents to teach their children life skills from an early age and premarital education from puberty (14 to 15 years old) in addition to the classic education offered in schools, as it is like vaccinating their children against vaccines. Protects against social harm.

The head of the Welfare Department pointed to the holding of several training courses on the marriage encyclopedia project in the state of Corona in accordance with the health instructions at the Baba Al-Hawaij Institute, taught by Dr. Masoumeh Ismaili.

The official also mentioned the provision of 28 dowries for covered couples, part of which was provided with public participation, as well as the empowerment of female-headed households in the field of marriage, 7 in the past year.

The implementation of the youth marriage encyclopedia project began in March 1997 in Yazd.

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