Preparation of Yazd welfare institutions and centers to collect public vows on Eid ul Adha

The Director General of Welfare of Yazd Province announced the readiness of charitable organizations and non-governmental centers under the supervision of this organization to collect public vows on Eid al-Adha.

Dr. Ali Mohammad Atabakhsh said: Citizens can donate their cash donations to the clients of the organization through the card number 6367957066985040.
Referring to the decision of the Welfare Committee for the Prevention of Infectious Diseases, he said: "In order to prevent the transmission of coronavirus, as well as to ensure the health of staff and residents of the centers covered by this organization throughout the province, hold any celebrations, gatherings, visits and visits during Eid." It is even forbidden in welfare centers as a family.
Regarding receiving live animals and slaughtering in welfare centers, the Director General of Welfare of Yazd Province said: "According to the directive of this committee, receiving live animals and slaughtering them in welfare centers is prohibited, but receiving special vows and accepting victims subject to hygienic slaughter in slaughterhouses is not prohibited."
He pointed out: Citizens and charities can deliver their vows and sacrifices to the centers of the Welfare Organization, including care centers for the elderly, homeless and abused children and the disabled, by observing health protocols.
Dr. Atabakhsh added: Charities and philanthropists can also make an amount according to their vows and sacrifices by card number 6367957066985040, order code * 724 * 0123 # and * 733 * 491400010 # or online through the welfare site deposit.

Register Date :2020-7-28

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