The seventh social service base of Yazd province was opened in Bahabad city.

According to the public relations of Bahabad city welfare office, this morning Mohammadabad Bahabad social services base was inaugurated as the seventh social services base of Yazd province, in the presence of the director general of Yazd province welfare organization and a group of Bahabad city officials by the permanent deputy governor of Bahabad.
Dr. Ali Mohammad Atabakhsh, General Manager of Yazd Province Welfare Organization, on the sidelines of the inauguration, referring to the efforts made to obtain a national license for social emergency in Bahabad city, from the readiness to issue a provincial license to set up this emergency, if the personnel costs are covered by Bahabad city announced.
It is worth mentioning that the social emergency building of Bahabad city has been completed and equipped and is ready for operation if the relevant permits are issued.

Register Date :2020-7-30

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