Housing deposit facility was attracted in the amount of 720,000,000 Rials

؛Due to the prevalence of the second period of Corona virus in the country, special housing assistance facilities for the disabled and homeless clients, tenants with valid leases from landlords with a non-first class ratio and conditions 1- Disabled head of household with severe and very severe disability 2- Family Double-disabled with a disabled head 3- Women heads of households with disabilities 4- Women heads of households with 3 or more members 5- Placement in one to three income deciles 6- and ... were allocated.
In this regard, the clients of Meybod Welfare Department were allocated the amount of 595,000 Rials as a gratuitous housing deposit, which was followed by the relevant experts and helpers, in addition to attracting the allocated quota, amounting to 125,000 Rials from the credits of other cities that were not attracted. Was also absorbed.
Finally, by attracting 720,000,000 Rials, the names of 16 families of the clients of this city, including 7 female heads of households and 9 disabled people covered (14 urban families and 2 rural families) were approved by the Rehabilitation and Empowerment Committee of the city and the relevant names were registered. The housing system was welfare so that the relevant amounts could be transferred to people's accounts in the next few days. It should be noted that the amount of housing assistance to urban households is 48,000,000 Rials and to rural households is 24,000,000 Rials.

Register Date :2020-8-3

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