Popular scan of the elderly

A public survey of the elderly is held by telephone and virtually with the hashtag "Remember me, make me happy" on the occasion of National Elderly Week in Yazd at the same time as all over the country.
Congratulating the beginning of the week of honoring the elderly, the Director General of Welfare of Yazd Province said: All Yazdi citizens throughout the province can participate in this scan, by phone and virtually, while greeting the elderly and relieving them of their loneliness.
Ali Mohammad Atabakhsh said: "In this cover, cyberspace users use the hashtag" Remember me, make me happy "on various social networks such as Instagram to reach the elderly."
He said that this year, the 10th of October, the International Day of the Elderly, with the slogan of Corona, is considered an opportunity to change the view of the elderly. Aging in society, especially the prevention of isolation of the elderly, is considered from 7 to 13 October.
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Register Date :2020-9-30

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