Honoring the dignity of the elderly

According to the public relations of Ashkzar Welfare; As World Elderly Day approaches; The video communication between the Director General and the Deputy of Rehabilitation of Yazd Province and the celebration of the elderly of Barakat Rezvanshahr Elderly Center in Ashkzar city was held in the presence of these loved ones. In this ceremony, Dr. Atabakhsh, General Director of Welfare of Yazd Province, while appreciating the Barakat Center complex, spoke about the celebration of the Elderly Week. The deputy director of rehabilitation of the province said that the elderly are valuable resources and the necessary measures should be taken to optimally enjoy their wisdom and skills in the family and society. In this regard, and in order to protect the status of these senior citizens, October 1 (October 9) is named as World Elderly Day every year.
Mirhaji, the head of the Ashkzar Welfare Department, thanked the management and staff of Barakat Center and spoke about the elderly, saying that respect for the elderly and respect for their status and dignity were recommended by religious leaders. Religion and culture have a high status. Respect for the elderly and their special respect is one of the clear teachings of Islamic and national culture. At the end of the ceremony, gifts along with health packages were given to the elderly present in the program as a memorial.
It should be noted that the United Nations established the World Council on Aging in 1982 and in the same year presented a plan to designate a World Day for the Elderly, until in 1990 the Council designated October 1 as World Day of Older Persons. 2020 is equal to the 10th of October, this day and week of the elderly is celebrated with the aim of informing about the conditions and needs of old age and honoring the elderly. Every year, a slogan for the day of the elderly is considered by the World Organization. "Corona, an opportunity to change the way we look at the elderly" This slogan will be the field of work of the elderly for the next year. The World Health Organization, given the vulnerability of the elderly to corona and the failure of geriatric policies in developed countries This slogan was chosen to pay attention to old age and this group.

Register Date :2020-10-4

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