Online visit of the General Director of Yazd Province Welfare Organization to Habib Ibn Mazaher Elderly Rehabilitation Center on the occasion of Elderly Week

On the occasion of the Elderly Week, Dr. Atabakhsh, Director General of the Welfare Organization of Yazd Province and Dr. Neshan, Deputy Director of Rehabilitation of the Welfare Organization, visited the Habib Ibn Mazaher Nursing Home. The center said: old age is the period of perfection, maturity, patience, wisdom, patience and toughness, old age is the life of every human being, which can be looked at the past, present and future with a bag of experience.

The elderly are valuable treasures of the family and society and honoring the dignity and status of these loved ones is derived from the rich culture of human development and the emphasis of the religion of Islam. Fallah, the head of the Welfare Department, thanked the elderly in person.

Register Date :2020-10-5

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