More than 900 elderly people benefit from welfare services

Seyed Mohsen Fallah, Head of Welfare of Meybod, while commemorating the Elderly Week, said: "Considering the global approach and increasing the age of life expectancy in the world and in our country, we are witnessing an increase in the number of elderly people." Provide respect for the elderly based on religious teachings and other matters of life.

Referring to the Elderly Week, Fallah added: "More than 900 elderly people are covered by the Meybod Welfare Office."

He said: "One of the most important issues in the category of healthy aging is aging, the elderly having financial resources, using their experiences, creating the necessary security for the elderly in the living environment and access to all municipal services, home care and honoring the elderly."

Head of Welfare Meybod, referring to the home visit plan, said: "Home visit plan is the most important service for the elderly and added:" In this plan, rehabilitation and educational services are mainly provided to the elderly, which is the most important welfare approach in this area. Instead of day care centers.

He added: "Currently, the most important problem of the elderly is the issue of adapting places and streets, which we hope will be resolved with the cooperation of city officials."

Register Date :2020-10-5

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