The growth rate of child abuse is increasing in Yazd

The Director General of Welfare of Yazd Province, referring to the proposals regarding the selection of Yazd as a child-friendly pilot city, announced the increasing trend of the growth rate of child abuse in Yazd Province.
Dr. "Ali Mohammad Atabakhsh" today in a press conference held with reporters through the online system of the Press and Media House of Yazd Province, referring to welfare occasions in October, including the 9th of October as the International Day of the Deaf, stated: Currently 4,500 deaf and hard of hearing people in Yazd province are covered by welfare services.
Regarding the services that welfare provides to the deaf, he said: "Part of these services are related to rehabilitation equipment such as hearing aids and cochlea, and part is related to educational services such as special schools for the deaf."
In addition to the problems of employment and marriage of the deaf, the official mentioned the most important problem of this group related to establishing social relations due to the unfamiliarity of the community with sign language and said: In this regard, a memorandum between the deaf community, city council, welfare and voice and Sima has concluded that the news of the province is broadcast every day at 13:30 and also two medical programs of the week with the presence of the deaf liaison.
Ali Mohammad Atabakhsh, stating that meeting the needs of people with disabilities as well as the needs of other people in society should be considered, said: In this regard, the first restaurant for the deaf in Yazd province has been set up that the staff of this complex with services in sign language to provide services to the deaf.
 He also announced the establishment of the first special counseling center for the deaf in the province and said: "This center for the deaf and their families provides various counseling services, including family counseling, educational counseling, etc."
He mentioned other problems in the field of the deaf in relation to the price of rehabilitation equipment and its direct impact on recent currency fluctuations.
10% of the province's elderly population
Atabakhsh, referring to the 10th of October, the International Day of the Elderly, said: "Currently, 10% of the population of Yazd province are over 65 years old, and following this trend, we will face the problem of the elderly population in the future."
He considered the increase of life expectancy and decrease of childbearing as the reason for increasing the age of the society and said: "Currently, Taft is the oldest city and Bafgh is the youngest city of the province and other cities of the province are in our ranks with a slight difference between them."
The Director General of Welfare of Yazd Province pointed out: 10% of the elderly population of the province, with a small difference with the national average, has made Yazd the threshold of being among the elderly provinces of the country.
    He mentioned the number of elderly people covered by welfare as about 8734 people and said: this number of services of rehabilitation centers (day, day, home visit and home care), empowerment program, CBR program, continuous assistance, equipment and aids Rehabilitation, adaptation services benefit.
Atabakhsh stated that welfare services are provided to the elderly around several axes, adding: "Some welfare services in this area are provided around the family, including visiting the elderly at home, caring for the elderly and providing services in day care centers." Cited.
Referring to the activities of 17 day care centers in the province, he noted: Of course, following the outbreak of corona and due to the high risk of the elderly in this area, the activity of day care centers in the first six months of this year has been affected.
The general director of the province's welfare mentioned another part of the province's welfare services to the elderly in the form of boarding centers and added: although keeping the elderly in boarding centers is not recommended for families, sometimes the living conditions of the elderly at home are not possible or there is no one to care for the elderly. In such cases, the elderly are forcibly kept in these centers.
He said that fortunately, in the first and second couriers of Corona, no casualties were reported in the day care centers for the elderly in the province, announced the provision of flu vaccine for the elderly in these centers and said: Welfare is the next priority to provide vaccines for the elderly in day care centers. Is in pursuit.
According to this official, there are currently 9 boarding centers for the elderly, the disabled and the chronically ill in Yazd province, which provide care services to a total of 350 to 400 people.
Coronary leave 200 kindergartens
Atabakhsh announced another occasion of October Welfare as the 16th of October, which has been named as Children's Day: Welfare has been paying special attention to this sector for many years by creating an office for children and adolescents, but recently the issue of transferring duties in this field to education It has been suggested that we hope that the Cultural Revolution Council will assign a task soon in order to prevent parallelism.
He announced the existence of 309 kindergartens in the province, of which about 200 are on a one-year leave due to the corona outbreak and are practically inactive during this period.
The Director General of Welfare of Yazd Province added: "Last year, about 15,000 children enrolled in these kindergartens in the province, and this year, due to the spread of the corona, only 4,300 children are registered and about 100 kindergartens are active."
Referring to the suggestions for selecting Yazd as a child-friendly pilot city, he said in relation to child abuse reports and the situation in the province in this regard: According to social emergency reports (123), the welfare of child abuse cases in Yazd is better than other provinces. However, the growth rate of child abuse in the province is increasing compared to other provinces, which is worrying.

Register Date :2020-10-6

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