Employment and Entrepreneurship Committee of Ashkzar city

According to the public relations of Ashkzar Welfare; The Employment and Entrepreneurship Committee of Ashkzar city was held in the presence of Mirhaji, the head of the welfare of the city, a rural employment expert of the organization, Mohseni, the employment expert of the city and a number of helpers at the welfare office of Ashkzar city. At the beginning of the meeting, Mirhaji, while devoting himself to the helpers, emphasizing on more supervision over the employment creation projects, stated that the main purpose of paying the facilities is to create sustainable employment among the welfare clients. In this meeting, 21 cases related to the payment of employment facilities were decided from paragraph "b" of Note 16 of the Budget Law of 1399, as well as the payment of employer and self-employment insurance for people with disabilities and clients.
It should be noted that last year, the Welfare Department of Ashkzar city attracted 100% of the notified credit in the employment creation sector in the amount of 18,000,000 Rials and allocated it to the applicants in order to empower them and create sustainable employment. Also, so far this year, the amount of 30,000,000 Rials of job creation facilities has been allocated to the Welfare Department of Ashkzar city.

Register Date :2020-10-7

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