This year's Mental Health Week is held under the slogan

In honor of this week, Seyed Mohsen Fallah said: "World Day and Mental Health Week will be held from 18 to 24 October with the slogan of the World Health Organization 2020" Mental health for all: more investment - more access, for all, everywhere. "
He also announced the titles of Mental Health Week as follows:
Friday, October 9: The Role of Mental Health Infrastructure in Corona and Post-Corona Conditions
Saturday, October 10: Committed specialists, health defenders
Sunday, October 11: Informed policymakers, invest more in mental health
Monday, October 12: The role of the primary health care system in accessing mental health services
Tuesday, October 13: Participation of non-governmental organizations in promoting community mental health
Wednesday, October 14: The role of the media in explaining the state of mental health and de-stigmatization
Thursday, October 15: Effective insurance, more access to mental health services
Fallah further added: At present, 3 counseling centers Golshan Raz, Ziaei, Astan Omid with the presence of expert and experienced consultants in Meybod city in the fields of identifying harmful factors, holding workshops and training courses with the aim of promoting mental health. Involve students in mental health activities. Providing counseling and treatment services individually and in groups. Implement preventive programs and promote mental health in a single environment. Providing crisis intervention services and providing assistance in emergencies, etc. are active and we hope that with the participation of psychologists and counselors to reduce social, economic, environmental and spiritual harm and thus improve the well-being of people in the new century effective steps Let's take it.

Register Date :2020-10-10

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