Welfare invitation to benefactors and citizens of Yazdi to participate in the "Empathy Puzzle" scan

The Director General of Welfare of Yazd Province invited the benefactors and citizens of Yazd to complete the biggest "empathy puzzle" in order to help provide writing for students under the auspices of this organization.
Ali Mohammad Atabakhsh, stating that the "Empathy Puzzle" scan was created in line with the "Sympathy Iran" scan, said: "In this scan, a map of Iran in the form of a puzzle of 600,000 pieces by each province was prepared by depicting a number of historical buildings specific to that province." Has been.
He stated that people can participate in this scan by buying each piece of the puzzle at a price of 100,000 Rials. , Buy one or more puzzle pieces.
He added: "Each piece of the puzzle purchased by the charity will be installed on the puzzle under his own name."
The Director General of Welfare of Yazd Province asked the citizens of Yazdi and charities to buy the pieces of this puzzle while participating in providing stationery for children in need of Yazdi to register their name in the symbol of empathy of the Iranian people forever.
He said that the "empathy puzzle" movement will continue until the end of October with the slogan "Piece by piece, empathy becomes meaning"; He stated: The pieces of this puzzle will be completed with the participation of small people and by registering the names of all participants on the pieces of this puzzle as the largest puzzle in the world and a lasting symbol of the sympathetic Iran movement will be installed and permanent in a part of Iran.
Atabakhsh also invited charities and non-governmental organizations and social activists, artists and influential people of Yazd province to participate in the "Empathy Puzzle" campaign and expressed hope that with the participation of charities and the general public of Yazdi, the stationery and educational materials needed by students Need to be covered by welfare.

Register Date :2020-10-13

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