More than 5,800 blind and partially sighted people are covered by Yazd Welfare

The number of visually impaired people covered by welfare in the country is 203,556, of which more than 5,800 are covered by welfare in Yazd province.
Announcing this news while commemorating the International Day of the Blind, the Director General of Welfare of Yazd Province said: This year, October 15, coinciding with October 15, with the slogan "Effective communication of society, paving the way for the empowerment of the blind" is considered as World White Cane Safety Day.
Ali Mohammad Atabakhsh added: "In this regard, activists for the blind are trying to introduce this day as a symbol of the social identity of these people."
He attributed the White Cane Day to the demands of the blind and visually impaired, and said that these demands were not only enshrined in the White Cane Act, which was passed by the United Nations in the early 1940s, but also in other laws related to the disabled and by governments. It is requested that by fully adhering to the provisions of these laws, they provide the ground for the restoration of the rights of the blind and their attainment of a superior quality of life.
Atabakhsh mentioned the most important demands of the blind and visually impaired, including the right to full access to educational facilities, health, safe movement in urban areas and active participation in political and social spheres, and said: These demands in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and The law for the protection of the rights of the disabled is explicitly emphasized, and the government is obliged to use the coordination and monitoring committee to oblige all the organs of the country to implement these laws and ensure the rights of the blind.
He noted that the Welfare Organization is in charge of pursuing the rights of people with visual impairments: "This organization always makes every effort to consult with the executive apparatus and regulatory bodies to raise the issues of the blind and follow their demands."
Director General of Welfare of Yazd Province, referring to the deprivation of many blind people from job opportunities in government agencies, said: "Many blind and visually impaired people, relying on their skills and experiences, have achieved the necessary capacities for active participation in professional and social fields." However, many of the job opportunities desired by these people are lost due to discrimination and ignorance of the devices, and people with visual impairments are deprived of achieving a suitable job despite their valuable abilities.
Regarding the payment of scholarships for students with disabilities, he said: "This scholarship will be paid to eligible students for 9 months of each academic year according to the Welfare Financial Support Instruction."
Atabakhsh stressed the need to prevent visual impairment and noted: Nearly 80% of vision disorders can be prevented, in other words, 4 out of 5 blind people can enjoy the blessings of vision.
He added: "What is most effective in preventing visual impairment is providing genetic counseling services to families before and after marriage and medical visits to check vision health, especially in high-risk groups such as the elderly and children."
Director General of Welfare of Yazd Province, referring to the activities of the non-governmental rehabilitation center for families and blind and visually impaired children in the province, said: This center provides educational-maintenance services to 23 blind and visually impaired children under 6 years of age.
Regarding welfare services for the blind and visually impaired, he said: "People with visual impairments are covered in proportion to the need for other welfare services such as home adaptation, special license plates, transportation allowance, rehabilitation and support services allowance at home." (Pension), scholarships and the like.

Register Date :2020-10-14

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