Welfare Notice on Serving in Nowruz

According to the Public Relations Department of Welfare of Yazd province, according to the State Information Base, the announcement of the subsidy targeting headquarters is as follows:
Regarding the previous announcement to the noble people of Iran, in accordance with the implementation of the budget law of 1396 of the whole country and in order to increase the minimum pension of the subsidized households supported by the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee and the welfare organization of the country, the pensioners of the abovementioned patients are advised by way of explanation as shown in the following table. In addition to the subsidy paid on April, at 24:00, on 26/01/1396, the heads of households will be deposited.
 Increased amount for covered individuals
 950.000 Rials for one person household
1.890.000 Rials for a two-person family
 2,530,000. Arial for a three-person household
 3.370.000 Rials for a four-person household
3.650.000 Rials for five or more households

Register Date :2017-7-30

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