public relations

Duty description of the PR department

Public relations is a collection of conscious, measured and planed efforts in order to absorb public participation and engage in mutual understanding between an organization and the organization's target groups.

The most important public relations task is to recognize and influence public opinion in order to satisfy public thoughts about the organization, which is pursued both within and outside of it.

Undoubtedly, this task is carried out in the form of a series of communication activities that can be classified under the headings of communication, media, cultural affairs, exhibitions, publications, opinion polling, public relations and electronic programming. The following is a description of these tasks:

- Policy, planning and application of appropriate practices and approaches to reflect the goals, policies, activities, programs and positions of the organization towards the audience, the media and the community.

- Efforts to strengthen the spirit of understanding between employees and managers, and to create the basis for communication between them.

- Join and attend important meetings of the organization to get information about policies, programs and activities, as well as awareness of the results of other meetings and gatherings.

- Provide the necessary measures to guide the client and facilitate access to our centers and authorities.

- Planning and informing people about the performance of the organization to motivate public opinion.

-Publishing news and reports from the organization's activities

-Holding interviews with the heads of departments and experts

-Answering the media in cases where they have raised a question

-Answering media request

-Holding media tours for visiting media representatives from activities and projects of the Indicator

- Organize newsletters and news bulletins

- Preparation of the performance report of the activities of the Media Relations Sector in the form of a quarterly work report (information system is provided by the Public Relations Department).

- Participating in radio and television programs to familiarize people with the goals of the organization's mission

• Provide images and videos to news subscribers for inclusion in organization-related news

• Effective communication with the press, radio, TV and news agencies and their optimal utilization to inform the public.

- Hold press conferences by inviting reporters and media representatives to explain the programs and policies of the center.

- Monitor all publications of the organization in the form of books, brochures, banners, stands, CDs, catalogs, posters ...

Compilation of books, pamphlets and publishing materials to introduce the organization.

- Compile and publish a summary of the organization's annual performance for public presentation.

- Publication of internal and external organizational leaflets

- Having a technical archive of audiovisual activities

- Photography and imaging of all ceremonies, opening, exhibitions and conferences

- Provides illustrated reports for various occasions

• Measure public opinion within an organization to retrieve issues and provide appropriate management solutions.

• Provide periodic (monthly / seasonal / annual) analytical reports from public opinion inside and outside the organization for management.

- To compile, summarize and analyze people, elites and the media views and opinions on the activities of the organization and provide them to the management.